About me

Hi! My name is Iva,

I'm a foodie and this is my food blog. I’m from Bulgaria, it’s a small country but very beautiful. I started eathealthywithiva.com with the attitude to gather all my recipes in one place and when I wonder what to cook for lunch, dinner or special occasion, just to look here.

If I inspire at least one person to prepare a recipe, it will be a great achievement for me.

I try to prepare healthy and balanced food. I want to make one clarification. I do not use soy products in my recipes, except the soy sauce. I just don't like the taste of soy, tofu, tempeh and others. Unfortunately, I can disappoint many of you who use soy products every day as substitutes mostly for dairy and meat foods.

I would not like to limit myself to vegan recipes or only those suitable for the keto diet.

I would be very happy if each of you found something for yourself.

I love easy and quick to prepare dishes with few ingredients. I avoid making recipes with many exotic ingredients because they are not available to everyone. On the other hand, I use many different spices that give unique aromas and flavors. I am inspired by Indian, Arabic and Asian cuisine.

My food:

  • I'm a vegetarian. I'm not vegan, but I often cook vegan dishes.
  • I try to eat keto and low carb.
  • I don't eat meat or fish.
  • I get my protein from eggs and legumes/pulses..
  • I love spicy food.
  • I do fasting for at least 16 hours every day.
  • I do not eat breakfast, but I drink black coffee every single morning, without milk and without sugar.
  • I eat only 2 times a day for 8 hours.
  • I drink at least one cup of green tea every single day.

Thank you for visiting my blog, I want to say a big THANK YOU to all for the great support and positive energy you give me. This makes me extremely happy and motivated to move forward. eathealthywithiva.com is a new challenge for me. With your help, I rediscover new worlds every day and conquer new peaks.

Eat Healthy & Rejoice!


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